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is it a good deal to buy damaged boats

Is It A Good Deal to Buy Damaged Boats?

Hurricanes come and go every year. In their wake these massive storms leave behind a multitude of damaged boats. These damaged boats are often sold at pennies on the dollar by individual owners or insurance companies or salvage companies. The question that comes to mind in light of that fact, “Is it a good deal to buy damaged boats? The trut

Best Caribbean Islands

Best Caribbean Islands for Yachting 2018

Yachting seems to be the ideal way to explore the islands. Yachting is an adventure that gives you an exclusive look as you explore an island’s beauty and its secret places, the special places you can only access and enjoy by the sea. These are the best Caribbean Islands for yachting in 2018.   The Spanish Virgin Islands Only a scant

cool stuff for yacht

Top 10 Cool Gadgets for Yacht Lovers

While there is a plethora of innovative gadgets to please the yacht lover in your life, let’s narrow it down and explore the Top 10 Cool Gadgets for Yacht Lovers.   Luci® Lights These amazing inflatable solar lights are ready to float with your anywhere your yachting life takes you. Luci® comes in number of options offering op

worlds best yacht clubs

Top 10 Best Yacht Clubs in the World

  Around the world, yacht clubs abound filled with an ongoing array of social events from regattas for food and wine festivals. These yacht clubs among the best in the world -  set in picturesque harbors in cosmopolitan cities around the globe. Which one will you choose to set course for next?   Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas, U.S

boat transportation cost

How Much Does Boat Transportation Cost?

  Whether you have purchased your new luxury yacht or have only begun the search for the yacht of your dreams, you are probably wondering how much the transportation of your new yacht to your home port will cost. Boat transportation services can vary a great deal, depending on the point of origin, the size of your boat, and the services inclu

january 2018 yacht transport deals

Last Minute Special Deals on January 2018

Seven Seas Yacht Transport is offering last minute special deals for yachts and boats along these sailing routes Florida – Golfito – Ensenada – Hawaii – Saipan - Yokohama  25-30 January loading in Port Everglades, Florida 5 days to Golfito. Costa Rica 11 days to Ensenada, Mexico 25 days to Saipan / Guam 35 days