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yacht dockage fees

Yacht Dockage Fees in Miami

  Miami is a great place to dock your yacht. Whether Miami is your home port, or you are visiting for an extended period of time, you’ll love the beauty of the region and the access to the surrounding areas. To help you find the ideal port for your yacht, here are five popular marinas and their yacht dockage fees. Miami Beach Marin

how much cost to maintain a boat

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Yacht?

  So, you’re thinking of buying a yacht? Or maybe you’ve already taken the plunge and found your dream yacht? Either way, now, the question is, how much does it cost to own a yacht? The actual yacht purchase is only the first expense in owning it. Here are the other expenses you can expect as a part of the luxury of owning your

what is the best time to ship a boat

The Best Time To Ship A Boat

As a yacht owner, captain, or broker, there will be times when you need to ship a boat from one destination to another. And regardless of the situation requiring the transport – a new purchase, a repair, or a vacation – you want expert, quality, and timely service as well as a great price for shipping your boat. The professionals at S

Repairing Damaged Boats After a Hurricane

Repairing Damaged Boats After a Hurricane

  Purchasing and repairing a damaged boat following a hurricane can be a great way to find a great boat at a bargain price and for some individuals it can even become a lucrative business of ‘flipping’ damaged boats for profit much like reality TV stars flip houses for profit. The truth is, to successful buy and repair a damaged b

is it a good deal to buy damaged boats

Is It A Good Deal to Buy Damaged Boats?

Hurricanes come and go every year. In their wake these massive storms leave behind a multitude of damaged boats. These damaged boats are often sold at pennies on the dollar by individual owners or insurance companies or salvage companies. The question that comes to mind in light of that fact, “Is it a good deal to buy damaged boats? The trut

Best Caribbean Islands

Best Caribbean Islands for Yachting 2018

Yachting seems to be the ideal way to explore the islands. Yachting is an adventure that gives you an exclusive look as you explore an island’s beauty and its secret places, the special places you can only access and enjoy by the sea. These are the best Caribbean Islands for yachting in 2018.   The Spanish Virgin Islands Only a scant