How to Measure Your Yacht Correctly

How to Measure Your Yacht Correctly

When you are ready to move your yacht, you are going to want to get a quote first. That way, you can make the best decision possible about the mode of transportation you want. In order for us to give you a quote, we need your yacht dimensions. Your yacht measurements help us figure out the best way to move your prized yacht from port to port. While your yacht may be anchored in Port Everglades right now, you may want to move it to Busan, Ibiza or Maine for the season. Wherever you want your yacht, we can put it there, but we need to talk measurements first. Here’s your guide to measuring your yacht.

How Do I Figure Out Yacht Dimensions?

There are many different measurements that go into a price quote on transportation for your yacht. Get your measuring stick out--we’re just kidding. Let’s get started with the basics.

Yacht Length

One of the first things we need to know about your yacht is how long it is. In order to get us an accurate measurement of your yacht, we need to know how long it is from the very tip of the bow to the stern. Although we know your yacht is curved, we need to know the length of it in a straight line. We just need to measure the boat itself, without any additional fittings such as your outboard motor and motor bracket, rudders or bow spits. Any fittings or attachments to your yacht should not be included. Yacht dimensions are always measured without fittings.

Yacht Height

In order to measure the height of your yacht, you need to begin at the highest part of your yacht that cannot be removed. In many cases, that is the mast. However, if your mast or crow’s nest is removable, it should not be counted. Any part that can be removed from the top of your yacht isn’t counted in the total. As with the yacht length measurement, the yacht height measurement should be in a straight line. Once you have measured the top of your boat, you will then carry that measurement down to the bottom of the keel to get the height of your yacht overall.

Yacht Beam

To measure the beam of your boat, you need to find the widest point on your yacht. Yacht beam measurements begin on the port side and go across to the starboard side at the widest point of your yacht. Again, you will need to measure your yacht without fittings or handles in order for your measurement to be accurate.

Now What?

The rest of it is easy. To get a quote, you will simply plug in the dimensions of your boat, and tell us your destination. Because we offer several different modes of transportation, we’ll also need to know how you prefer to have your boat travel. Once you give us the measurements, we will give you a quote, and we will go from there. Whether your yacht is huge or almost huge, we will handle it with loving care and make sure it’s ready to set sail when you are.