How to Prepare Your Boat for Hurricane Season 2020

How to Prepare Your Boat for Hurricane Season 2020

Unless you live in the Midwest somewhere, we’re betting you already know that it’s hurricane season. Although the season didn’t officially kick off until June 1st, there were already two named storms before the season even started. The experts are predicting 2020 will be a big year for hurricanes. If you are a boat owner, how do you prepare to protect your boat from damage? We have some tips on what to do ahead of time, and what to do when one may be on the way.

A Little About Hurricanes and Boats

Hurricanes are large storms that form during the summer in the Atlantic and in the Gulf of Mexico. The Pacific Ocean also gets hurricanes as well, both on the Pacific shore of Mexico and Central America, as well as the Hawaiian islands. Hurricane winds range from 74mph to over 200mph. They can be small and weak or hugely destructive. Hurricanes are a danger to boats because of the wind on the ocean, and the storm surge. The time to store your boat and protect your boat is before anything happens. Here are some guidelines for you to keep your boat safe.

Plan Before the Storm

You need to look at your insurance policies, to see the terms of your boat policy. Often, the insurance companies will pay up to half of the towing and storage costs for your boat because of a hurricane threat. However, when a hurricane watch is posted, a lot of boat owners will be trying to get their boats out of the water, so plan ahead. Make arrangements with a boat towing and boat storage company, or your local marina. That way, you’ll be prepared.

When A Watch is Issued

Experts say that boats stored on land are safer in a hurricane that boats on the water. This means that you’ll want to get your boat to land. Time to call in the boat movers, and move your boat to a designated spot as soon as possible. To help the movers out, get on your boat and store everything that isn’t fixed for transportation. That way, all the boat movers have to do is transport your boat.

When There’s a Warning

A hurricane warning means that hurricane force winds could be in your area in a day and a half. If you haven’t made preparations to move your boat already, see if you have time now. Otherwise, you’ll need to secure it as much as you can, and move it to dry dock if possible within a building at your marina. Also, this is your time to prepare yourself and leave the area if you are going to evacuate. That’s why taking care of your boat early is such a good idea. You can then focus on your home and family, and not worry about storing your boat.

When you need help with boat moving and boat storage, we hope you’ll think of us. Let’s hope this summer is hurricane free for all of us.