Best 2020 Racing Boats Brands

Best 2020 racing boats brands

The thrill of being able to zoom over the water at high speeds can be exhilarating, but as with any high-end purchase, there is always the desire to ensure you are getting your money's worth. Here we will look at some of the top racing boat brands whose 2020 offerings are likely to stir racing enthusiast interest. 

1. Cigarette

One of the most recognizable names in powerboat racing over the last five decades, the Cigarette Racing Team has earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship, high performance, and dependable designs. From the interiors to the hull, and everything between, all is meticulously planned and executed to ensure ultimate comfort and ideal power. Each boat is customizable to client specifications ensuring that even for the same model, buyers get to stamp their distinct personality and allow their choice to stand out from the rest. Check out some of their more current top sellers like the Marauder SS and 38’ Top Gun classic.

2.Marine Technology

The brainchild of veteran racing champion Randy Scism, MTI has established itself as a key producer of offshore record-breaking catamarans. The company is renowned for developing state of the art vessel control solutions including positioning systems and VSAT communications. The superior handling and powerful performance on models from the Pleasure series and the Offshore Racing series make this brand a worthwhile consideration. Located in Missouri, this firm works with top racing boats transport services to get their boats to clients in pristine condition.

3.Baja Marine

A leader in innovative design, Baja has set the standard in creating unique offshore high-performance boats. Started in the early 1970s, the brand has focused on developing top-line racing designs of 14-20 footers. Their unique constructions have helped inspire other top boating manufacturers and made them an outstanding attraction at many a marina. You can look forward to a faster selection of options from their 2020 Outlaw series that features a True-V hull and MerCruiser power.


Another legendary racing boat builder, Skater has been very consistent in providing this niche market with a slew of amazing high-performance catamarans. Featuring sleek designs, cutting edge technology, and highly responsive handling and power, Skater racing boats make for an excellent choice. While their popular 28 Skater is still a great outboard catamaran, you may want to have a closer look at the newer and larger capacity 588. Being Michigan based, you will likely need to engage the services of specialist racing boats transport services to get your customized Skater home.


Based out of North Carolina, Fountain is a world-class builder of performance and fishing boats that place an emphasis on speed, handling, and lower fuel consumption. Their trademark Positive Lift Hull has been a popular offering that boosts acceleration and better manages cornering. Quality construction and optimal performance, coupled with customizable amenities will make this a great addition to your assets. Whether it is the 32 Thunder Cat or the Lightning you choose, you can expect several decades of boating pleasure from this brand.

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