How it works

Our well-established network of boat shipping professionals and ship owners across the globe guarantees you acces to hundreds of ships, latest equipement and technology and the most experienced personnel. This allows us to provide the safest, fastest and the most secure boat transportation service for your needs.

01Expert planning

Our head office plans each voyage individually according to the demand for each route at different times of the year in order to provide the very best service for our customers. We have 25 years’ experience in logistic maritime planning and our large fleet provides us with a huge range of possibillities.


40ft Containers

Transporting boats in 40 ft. containers is considered one of the most cost-effective methods while still providing top-level security. The inside door clearance and dimensions of the containers limit total boat size to a maximum overall length of 38 ft. and 7.8 ft. in beams (this refers to the dimensions after towers, arches, windshields and other similar structures have been dismantled).

In this yacht transport method

  • Any additions to the superstructure of your boat are dismantled by experienced loaders
  • The boat is stowed inside the container
  • The container is transported onto the ship
  • Upon arrival at the destination, this procedure is reversed to discharge your boat

Roll on/roll off



Float on/float off

Lift on/lift off

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